This is the ‘standard bearer’ of the Beaujolais appellations. It is an authentic wine that is the symbol
of an ‘Art de vivre’ where friendliness and sharing go hand in hand. The very name evokes youth,
springtime and sun. BEAUJEU, the historic capital of our region, simply gave its name to BEAUJOLAIS.

The vines for Beaujolais spread over a total surface area of 9700 Ha
that is to say around 84 000 000 bottles.

Beaujolais is a fresh wine that should be drunk young to make the most of its very intense
floral and fruity aromas. This wine is both authentic and friendly bringing laughter to the table.
Serve cool at 11°C, with starters or enjoy it at any time with friends.

The Beaujolais made on the estate only comes from 1 ha of vines or
8 000 bottles, 2 000 of which are Rosé Beaujolais

Rosé Beaujolais is made by pressing the carefully hand sorted bunches straight away.
This is followed by long, low temperature, fermentation allowing the fruity, subtle aromas
associated with the Gamay Noir à jus blanc, ruling grape variety in the Beaujolais region,
to develop fully.

Rosé Beaujolais is the ideal wine for enjoyable barbecue evenings throughout the
summer, or simply for an aperitif.The nature of our soil, that is mainly
granite gives specific characteristics to our wines.