Le cru Brouilly

Brouilly is the first of the 10 Beaujolais Crus as far as production is concerned. It was classed
a Cru by decree on 19th October 1938. Mont Brouilly peaks at 485 metres above
sea level. The Chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Raisin watches over this terroir which gives
rich, generous wines. The chapel of Brouilly was built in 1854 to protect the
vines against the ravages of odium.

With 10 million bottles produced every year by 360 winemakers Cru Brouilly is the biggest
of the Beaujolais Crus. It alone makes up 20% of the 10 Crus’ total surface area.
Its 1280 hectares are shared over 6 communes: Saint-Lager, Odenas, Cercié-en-Beaujolais,
Saint-Etienne-La-Varenne, Charentay and Quincié-en-Beaujolais. This corresponds to an
annual production of 75 000 hectolitres (10 millions bottles), as the yield is limited in order to
obtain optimum quality.

Clothed in deep ruby, Brouilly gives off aromas of red fruit with a light vegetal hint. It is the
alliance of roundness and harmony. Well balanced with a full, winy body, it is remarkably long
in the mouth. Its freshness, suppleness and charm make it a favourite with a good many
connoisseurs who are faithful to it. In addition to this its finesse, flavours and elegance make
it the ideal wine for women with taste.

The estate dates from 1910 when Grand-Père Michaud started planting. There are still plots that he planted at that time in use today. The grapes produced there are remarkable and concentrated giving a rich, generous Brouilly. 70% of our 9ha estate is planted with over 50 year old vines.
The global annual production is close to
50 000 bottles.
The very traditional vinification is carried out in modern chais where the equipment allows us to optimise a quality worthy of our wines.
Maturing for several months in oak tuns complete the wine’s careful development, followed by bottling at two separate periods (Easter and at the beginning of Autumn), that seal the destiny of our Brouilly, which, we hope, will give you a lot of pleasure over many years.
Its potential for keeping, allied with its aromas and the plenitude of its fruitiness, is between 3 and 4 years.

Unique grape variety: Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc.