The Harvest

After a year of painstaking work and if nature is generous the
vinegrower is rewarded at harvest

On Alain Michaud’s estate the
grapes are harvested at optimum
ripeness, after a first estimation
when the vines flower (90 days
ripening), the diagnostic is
refined a few days before the
harvest to pick at just the
right time.

The grapes are picked by hand by a joyful and dynamic group of students from all horizons (girls and boys).

The bunches are carefully hand sorted and delivered as quickly as possible
to the vatroom where Alain Michaud himself carries out the vinification
assisted by competent people.

Relatively long vatting is used for making the Crus giving length in the
mouth and tannins so that our Brouilly and Morgon can draw the
maximum possible content from the grapes meaning that they hold
wonderfully in the bottle. Alain Michaud makes wines the way he
likes them, rounded and sturdy.

The Rosé Beaujolais is made by pressing the grapes as soon as they arrive
at the vatroom, they are then vinified at a low temperature in order to
release the maximum possible aromas. This is a light, fruity wine to
enjoy with a barbecue.

The wines are matured for several months in oak tuns before bottling.